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Yellowstone National Park . Established 1872

The first National Park in the world, Yellowstone marked a unique and novel shift of perspective toward public places. No longer would the wonders of the world be owned by crown and robber baron, now the great scenery of the nation would be owned by the people, protected in perpetuity for our enjoyment of the wild wonders of God’s creation.

Sitting atop Yellowstone Caldera, the 3,500 square mile park contains a diversity of natural wonders unparalleled in the United States. Rocketing geysers, roiling hot springs and mud pots, picturesque lakes, plunging canyons, towering mountains and a wide array of wildlife are just some of the many attractions that draw visitors from all around the world to Yellowstone.

We have had the joy of visiting the park on several occasions, and share with you some of our favorite fine art photographs captured during our time at the park. As always, feel free to browse our collection and enjoy a glimpse of the grandeur and beauty of Yellowstone. Fine art prints, canvases, collectibles and digital rights are available for purchase directly from this site. Enjoy!

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