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Grand Teton National Park . Established 1929

As you venture south from Yellowstone toward Grand Teton National Park, your first glimpse of the mountains comes as you crest a hill and gaze some 20 miles ahead of you at towering mountains framed by the lodgepole pines on either side of the descending road. It’s an awe-inspiring view to say the least. These mountains, towering seemingly out of nowhere, reach between six and seven-thousand feet above the valley floor. Named for the highest peak, Grand Teton (13,775 ft.), the national park encompasses some 480 square miles.

White settlers first found their way into the Grand Teton region in the early 19th century in search of new sources of beaver pelts to feed the insatiable demand for the luxurious fur from the east. Government expeditions soon ventured among the towering mountains of Jackson Hole, and the first permanent settlements in the area began in the 1880’s. All who set eyes on the majestic mountains were struck by the unique beauty of the range, and naturally efforts to preserve the region as a national park began within years of settlement. In 1929, Grand Teton National Park was established, encompassing the major peaks of the range. But it wasn’t until 1950 that the park expanded to include the valley, thanks in large part to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who purchased much of the valley and donated it to the parks service.

Over the years, we have photographed the park on two occasions, capturing the iconic views of Grand Teton National Park, such as Coulter Bay, Schwabacher's Landing, Mormon Row and both the Moulton brothers’ Barns. We hope you enjoy our fine art photography of the park, and have an opportunity to view the park in person. Our curated collection of fine art photographs can be viewed, shared or securely purchased directly from this page.

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