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Grand Canyon National Park . Established 1919

The story of Grand Canyon National Park, the 15th site to become a national park, is a story of struggle and resolve. Attempts to protect the Grand Canyon as a national park first began in 1882 with a bill by then-Senator (soon-to-be president) Benjamin Harrison. When the bill failed to pass, he reintroduced the bill two more times, but to no avail due to growing private mining and tourism interests in the area. But despite the defeats, the battle for the Grand Canyon was far from over.

On November 28, 1906, president Teddy Roosevelt created the Grand Canyon Game Preserve and then changed its status to a national monument in 1908, affording the park increased protections and limiting the activities allowed within its borders. In both 1910 and 1911, bills were introduced to make the Grand Canyon a national park, but it wasn’t until 1919, at the hand of Woodrow Wilson, that the site finally gained national park status.

The view we have today is much the same as Teddy Roosevelt had when he gazed upon the gaping chasm of the Grand Canyon for the first time over a century ago. Thanks to the efforts of these men and countless others, today we can appreciate the Grand Canyon in its natural, wild state, just as God created it, virtually free from the fingerprints of man. Whether you visit the North Rim, lined with its ponderosa pines and populated by the Kaibab Squirrel, a species only found in the 40-square-mile forest lining the precipice, or the South Rim, with its arid climate and rich Native American history, you are sure to be struck with awe at the unfolding vista some ten miles wide and over a mile dee - it truly is a grand canyon in every sense of the word.

We’ve had the pleasure of photographing both the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon on several of our adventures. Though the scenery remains the same, the weather has a dramatic effect on how the canyon appears, and you never quite get the same image twice. We hope you enjoy our fine art photography of this marvelous place of beauty and expanse.

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