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The Breaks Interstate Park . Established 1954

Nestled into the rural and rugged mountains bordering Virginia and Kentucky, some two hours from the closest interstate, The Breaks Interstate Park is a gem certainly worthy of National Park status. Nicknamed The Grand Canyon of the South, the park surrounds a 1,000 ft. deep canyon gorge, created by the Russell Fork as it cuts through Pine Mountain on its way to the Ohio River. Daniel Boon was the first non-native to discover these towering formations in 1767 and much of the area that makes up the modern-day park is made up of land settled by the Potter family some 30 years later.

This was our first visit to the park, and we were amazed by the variety found within the park’s relatively small borders. Not only does the park house the canyon from which it takes its name, but it also contains a valley lake, a network of hiking trails, and a forested garden of monolithic rock formations that tower to the treetops. Please feel free to browse our collection, and should the mood strike you, order one of our prints or keepsakes.

Please note, many of the images in this gallery were captured utilizing our licensed and insured drone under FAA Part 107 rules. In order to fly in the park, one needs to hold a commercial drone license, abide by all FAA Part 107 requirements, and receive permission from the park prior to flying, as we did. Several areas are off limits to drones. And as always, be courteous and mindful of the experience of other guests and possible impact on wildlife when considering where and when to fly.

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