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DS DRONE: Full Service FAA Licensed Aerial Video and Still Photography

As a compliment to our tried and true terrestrial photography services, Deremer Studios, LLC now offers our Automotive, Commercial, Architectural and Fine Art clients with full service aerial services, including FAA licensed and insured Part 107 commercial video and still photography. When the job calls for that perfect content from on high, Deremer Studios is fully equipped to meet your needs in a safe, responsible and artistic manner.

Whether you're looking for the perfect angle to capture the unique beauty of your latest architectural accomplishment, looking for an eye-catching angle to highlight the stunning lines of your classic car, or simply want content that will stand out in a saturated market, our aeril services provide just what you need to succeed.

Deremer Studios, LLC is based in Jacksonville, FL and serves clients throughout North America. Fully licensed and insured.


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Deremer Studios Fine Art Photography - National Parks