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Commercial Photography Overview: We Love to Tell Your Story

At Deremer Studios, we believe it’s our job to make you look good. Since 2003, Deremer Studios has been dedicated to providing our corporate photography clients with just what you need to perfectly tell your story. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional photography, friendly service, full rights to images, and premium products – all at a price that won’t break the bank. Our areas of focus include Advertorial, Architectural, Aviation, Event, Culinary, Industrial, Logistics, and Product Photography services.

Since beginning Deremer Studios, we’ve had the pleasure of serving over 1,500 clients - from mom and pop stores to Fortune 100 companies - and everything in-between. Our work has appeared on national and local television, a wide variety of publications throughout the world, and is featured on the sites, social media feeds and marketing material of many global brands. Our economical travel rates coupled with our affordable photography rates means, even with travel, that we’re typically more affordable than comparable local studios. As such, clients regularly employ Deremer Studios to support their photography needs throughout the US.

Deremer Studios, LLC is based in Jacksonville, FL and serves clients throughout North America. Fully licensed and insured.

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Advertorial & Lifestyle Photography: From a relaxing beachside hammock at sunset, to the inviting fairway of a picturesque golf course in the early morning light, there’s nothing quite like the perfect photo to elicit the imagination of your viewers. On each shoot, we bring together our love for landscape, commercial and portrait photography, resulting in a diverse, compelling and attractive collection of photos you can use to tell your brand’s story.

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Architectural Photography: Whether you’re a luxury home builder, a commercial architect, or anywhere in-between, Deremer Studios, LLC has the specialized equipment and expertise needed to perfectly capture your latest project. With well over a decade’s experience in the field and a collection of lights, specialty lenses and modifiers, we’re able to stunningly capture virtually any project inside and out - helping to maximize your return on investment.

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Aviation Photography: Help your event or brand take to the air with Deremer Studios aviation photography services. With a background in civil aviation and a passion for all things winged, we provide our aviation clients with captivating, energetic images that capture the sublime lines of your aircraft - and with extensive experience in both lifestyle and event photography to boot, we can help tell your event’s story like no other.

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Corporate and Event Photography: From an intimate evening event to multi-day, multi-site conferences with thousands of attendees, Deremer Studios has the equipment and expertise to provide for all your corporate and event photography needs. In addition to our two full-time photographers, we have trained, developed and vetted a network of professional photographers that we often employ with larger projects to supplement our support. For several of our clients, we regularly manage a team of over a dozen photographers, designers and support staff to meet their event needs. In addition, we offer a wide array of premium on-site services, such as studio photography, instant-printing and graphic design can provide the perfect complement to your event.

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Culinary Photography: What can we say - we like food - just like everyone else! The trick is to capture the dish or product in a way that causes the viewer to crave - and that’s our job. Deremer Studios offers our culinary clients with the expertise and equipment needed to capture top-notch food photography in-situ. Whether you need flattering photography of a buffet spread for your catering company, just the right style of photos for your cookbook, or artistic menu photography for your fine-dining establishment, we’re here to help.

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Industrial & Manufacturing Photography: Deremer Studios, LLC offers our industrial and manufacturing clients with effective, compelling and OSHA-compliant photography services - all to help you make the most of your production and product story. Whether you want to follow a product from start to finish, document a new process, or feature the hard work of your employees, we bring a photojournalistic approach to the table to provide you with an accurate and compelling photographic story of your business.

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Product Photography: Whether you’re looking for professional photos for your catalog or just the right photo of your product in-situ, Deremer Studios has the specialized equipment and expertise to meet your needs. For clean studio product photography, it is imperative to control the light. To that end, we employ professional lighting, backdrops and enclosures to highlight your product in the best possible light. We use many of these same techniques to capture your products in their natural setting.

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Logistics & transportation Photography: With a background in global logistics prior to beginning Deremer Studios, we are uniquely equipped to serve your logistics and transportation photography needs. Whether you want to capture the energy an efficiency of a warehouse or crossdock, or tell the story of your logistics process from factory to consumer, we’ve got the equipment and expertise needed to get the job done. Because safety is so key in your facilities, we have our own OSHA-compliant gear to ensure we’re upholding your high standard of safety as well. To protect our clients, Deremer Studios, LLC is fully licensed and insured.

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Deremer Studios, LLC has developed a suite of on-site services designed to save you time and expand your guest experience. From on-site printing and professional studios, to on or off-site graphic design services, we’re committed to be your one stop shop for all your event photography and support needs.

On-Site Printing

Our most popular on-site service is our quick-turn printing. We have three professional dye-sublimation printers, each capable of printing 150 photos per hour - allowing guests to have their photo as little as 90 seconds after we take the photo. On-site printing can also include your event or company logo as part of the print.

On-Site Studio

Another popular service is our on-site studio. We provide both conventional portrait and green screen options to provide virtually limitless background choices for your event. Coupled with our printing and graphic design services, you can provide guests with custom-background printed photos in as little as 90 seconds.

Graphic Design

Deremer Studios also offers in-house, award-winning graphic design services to our clients. Whether you need a shiny new restaurant menu to accompany your new photos, a visitor guide to market your destination, or want us to develop a custom book as a keepsake for your event guests, you can count on Deremer Studios for all your design needs. We even provide logo and brand development services.