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Amelia Island - North Florida’s Enchanted Wonderland

Located along North Florida’s Atlantic Coast, the thirteen-mile-long Amelia Island offers up a surprisingly diverse array of beautiful vistas, historic sites, world-class resorts, exciting events and a thriving community - all while maintaining a secluded, quaint and tranquil atmosphere that draws both residents and visitors alike. Known as the Isle of Eight Flags, Amelia Island has proven a desirable location for centuries. From pirates to pioneers, shrimpers to surfers, town-folk to tourists - the enchanted siren-call of Amelia Island is undeniable.

Our island story begins in the late 1990’s. My wife and I first discovered Amelia Island on one of our first dates and instantly fell in love with the island’s beauty and charm. Some twenty years and countless trips later, we still adore our little island. Though we aren’t fortunate enough to live on the island (at least not yet), our close proximity to the island has afforded us the pleasure of photographing Amelia Island in all her beautiful facets, and we count the island as a sort of second home.

We hope you enjoy our collection of Amelia Island fine art photography. We work hard to capture images that highlight the manifold facets which come together to make the island what it is. From the historic appeal of Fort Clinch, Old Town and the Victorian downtown Fernandina Beach, to the natural beauty of the ocean, riverfront, and everywhere in between - we strive to capture the essence of the Island, and offer them to you. Feel free to browse, reminisce, plan your trip, or purchase one of our fine art photographs from the island.